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Kris in Underworld Awakening
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
09:18pm 10/05/2012
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Our Favorite Wolf!
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
09:00pm 10/05/2012
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My Review of @KrisHolden_Ried in Underworld: Awakening
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
08:51pm 10/05/2012

So if you have not yet gotten to see the latest Underworld, you are missing out! First and foremost, if you watch it just because Kris is in it, you're going to miss some great action and a great storyline. Selene is twice as hardcore as she was before. I absolutely loved this movie. If you want to see Kris even more intimidating than he already is in Lost Girl, then watch this movie. I personally thought that Kate looked fantastic, she just became Selene in this one. In my opinion, Kris was just plain scary with the black contacts and the fangs in. Please, go see this movie. It is definitely worth seeing. 

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Majorly Awesome Fandom @KrisHolden_Ried
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
10:24pm 07/05/2012

So as the moderator of this awesome community of kick butt fans. I have to extend a really big thanks for being so cool Kris Fans. You guys have to be the coolest group of people I have had the honor of knowing. You don't fight over a man you don't really know, you don't get verbally inappropriate (which is sometimes difficult), you don't poke into his personal life and you are not competing with one another for his attention. 

I know that last part sounds like madness, but it's why I left one fandom. It's awesome that we can respect and artist for his art and who he is. Not just because he is a handsome face. That rocks all! I know Kris appreciates it and really he is too cool to do all that crazy stuff to anyhow. 

Kris you are truly blessed with some awesome female (and there are probably some male) fans. On another note: PLEASE watch Underworld Awakening when it comes out. He seriously kicks some major tail. All pun intended on that one. Sorry, I just had to. And that is all I have to say.

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About Kris Holden Ried's Tattoo @KrisHolden_Ried
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
06:32pm 02/05/2012

So I recently asked Kris about his back tattoo and if it was real or not. It is real, so the debate has been settled. As far as the meaning of the tattoo, it is personal so I am asking people to respect his privacy and not ask him about it. Kris seems like a very private person as it is (I'm guessing) so I know we all don't want to make him uncomfortable with questions that are about his personal life. If you think it would bother you for someone to ask you the same question, probably best not to ask him either. Just a good way to gauge the twitter questions. 

Thanks for being so awesome all! And thinks for respecting his wishes. I know he really appreciates it. 
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Kris Holden Ried in Textuality (2011) @KrisHolden_Ried
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
07:28pm 30/04/2012

If you have yet to see Kris in this movie. He is brilliant, creative and adorable at the same time. Somehow he does everything. Usually, I don't like movies when my favorite actor only has a small part but this movie is fun and romantic. If you like romantic comedies, you will love this one. 

Description: Two people attempt to get into a relationship, while exiting the multiple relationships they were each managing through their Blackberries before they met.

For Cast List and More Information Please Visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1573483/
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Kris Hold Ried Three Days in Havana (2012) @KrisHolden_Ried
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
07:02pm 30/04/2012

In Post Production right now. So there is no movie poster yet. Although I could make one if they want to use an independent contractor. (Hint) Anyhow. 

Description: Jack Petty is disillusioned and wishes things were different. He gets more than he bargained for when he travels to Havana and gets caught up in an assassination conspiracy with his new friend Harry Smith.

Kathleen Robertson As Emily
Kris Holden Ried As Gordie
Matt Frewer As Allen Wright

For More Information Please Visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1842371/
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Kris's Tattoo
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
08:22pm 29/04/2012

There has been some debate about Kris's tattoo on his back and if it is real or not. He has it in Textuality so I do have to wonder. I'm going to ask him today and see if I get a response. I will keep you updated.
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Favorite Interview
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
12:41pm 29/04/2012

My favorite interview with Kris. He's so down to earth and funny in this one. Who wouldn't want to sit and just talk with him. Not many actors are this intellectual. 
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Dyson's Breakfast
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
03:29pm 27/04/2012

Kris posted this today on his twitter. Why did I snag this photo? Just look at the look on his face. It's so cute.
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