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About Kris Holden Ried's Tattoo @KrisHolden_Ried
 krishrdaily - (blackheartstoy)
06:32pm 02/05/2012

So I recently asked Kris about his back tattoo and if it was real or not. It is real, so the debate has been settled. As far as the meaning of the tattoo, it is personal so I am asking people to respect his privacy and not ask him about it. Kris seems like a very private person as it is (I'm guessing) so I know we all don't want to make him uncomfortable with questions that are about his personal life. If you think it would bother you for someone to ask you the same question, probably best not to ask him either. Just a good way to gauge the twitter questions. 

Thanks for being so awesome all! And thinks for respecting his wishes. I know he really appreciates it. 
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